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Social Media HQ helps small business owners and entrepreneurs build affordable websites and smart marketing strategies.


Elina, the founder of Social Media HQ is a Web Architect & Marketing Strategist with extensive experience in planning, managing and implementing digital marketing projects – from website builds to content production and marketing strategies. She has the capability to see the big picture – she doesn’t just tick boxes for the sake of ticking them, but she will make sure that everything you do online will actually serve a purpose and work within a larger strategy.

The team

Social Media HQ also has an extensive network of talented independent professionals at its disposal. The designers, developers, copywriters we work with help us to provide our clients with a variety of different online services, while helping us to keep our overheads down. It also means that while they’re off in the world, working with on different projects, they’re gaining valuable experience in new trends that can we can incorporate into the work we do for you.

Social Media HQ

It’s where smart, creative and affordable digital marketing solutions live – please do come in and say hello!
How Social Media HQ was born
Social Media HQ came into being when we realised that there are lots of small business owners and entrepreneurs out there that need help with their websites and marketing, but can not afford the price tag of an average marketing agency.


That’s when she thought – what if the business owners could simply pay for the employees who actually do the work? No large overheads or margins, but instead a price similar to what the marketing agencies are currently paying the people who are providing service?


What if they got the service of marketers without the price of  the agency?


And Social Media HQ was born.

Here to make a difference
We do what we do because we enjoy working for ourselves, creating new things, helping others and making an actual difference in the business scene.


We will ALWAYS make sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck. We will ALWAYS be looking for better technologies, newer trends and offer you the solutions that are the absolute best in the price range.


We don’t want to just sell you random services for quick cash, we want to offer you only the opportunities and solutions that are actually going to make a difference and because of this, we are only going to take you on as a client if we truly believe we can help you.

Planning, planning… and planning

We thoroughly plan and map everything we do – we ask and investigate, research and discuss, question and conclude.


We want to make sure that before starting the work, we know exactly what our goals are, what is needed to accomplish them and how much it is going to cost you.



From us, you will always get a plan of action & a price tag that goes with it, so you know at all times what you are getting yourself into and how much it is going to cost you.


Wordpress websites at affordable prices.
Finding a solution that caters
for your specific needs.

Marketing & SEO

Marketing Strategies and Implementation - smart, innovative and competitive. All tailor made for your business.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing - setups, engagement strategies and management. Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr etc

Our Skills

Social Media HQ brings a wide range of skills and qualities
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